CANEX Rewards Frequently Asked Questions
What are the value of my points?
CANEX Rewards points may be redeemed for savings
off a purchase at participating CANEX outlets in
accordance with the CANEX Rewards redemption table.
1. 3000 pts = 3.00
2. 5000 pts = 5.00
3. 9500 pts = 10.00
4. 22500 pts = 25.00
5. 50000 pts = 60.00
6. 80000 pts = 95.00
7. 115000pts= 140.00
Can I have more than one CFOne card/CANEX Rewards account registered to me?
No, an individual can only have one active account.
Can I redeem my CANEX Rewards Points online or by phone?
Right now, you can only redeem your CANEX Rewards Points at participating CANEX Outlets. CANEX is working to make other redemption options available.
Did you and your spouse share a Club Xtra card and wish to link your CANEX Rewards accounts together?
The CFOne program consists of one unique CFOne card and CANEX Rewards account per individual. You cannot share the CANEX Rewards account with your spouse as was the case with the Club Xtra program. The Club Xtra account is converted to a CANEX Rewards account (a 10-digit account number starting with 6012), and this is bound to the CFOne card. When registering a spouse's card online, select the option 'I do not have a Club Xtra card' from the CANEX Rewards Activation screen. This creates a new CANEX Rewards account for the spouse and binds it to their unique CFOne card. Note that individuals of the same address can transfer points between CANEX Rewards accounts at any time to combine points for redemption.
Can more than one family member be registered to the same CFOne card or CANEX Rewards account?
Only one family member can be registered to a single CFone card and CANEX Rewards account.

Each member of your home, will be required to have their own individual CFOne card, as this will provide them access to Morale and Welfare Services at bases/wings and units.
Can my friend use my CFOne card for their purchase?
CANEX encourages each authorized patron to apply for their own CFOne card so that they too can enjoy the advantages of being a CANEX Rewards account member.
Do I need a password when I use my card at a CANEX Outlet?
Do you offer a CANEX Credit card?
CANEX does have a credit plan program (see store or for details), though CANEX does not have a personal credit card program in place.
During the registration process I was required to provide personal information. What happens to this information and who is it disclosed to?
Access to your membership information is restricted to authorized personnel of Canadian Forces Moral and Welfare Services (CFMWS). Your personal information may be disclosed to CFMWS only or to third-party agents responsible for administering CANEX programs or special offers, provided that such companies use the information only for the purposes for which it was disclosed, and agree to comply with the CFMWS privacy policy.
How do I find out the CANEX Rewards Points balance on my CFOne card?
There are 3 convenient ways you can look up your CANEX Rewards Points balance:
1. It appears on every receipt from CANEX.
2. You can log into your CANEX Rewards account.
3. You can contact the CANEX Rewards Administrator at 1-877-748-8230.
How do I join the CANEX Rewards program?
Register for a CFOne account/card at or begin the process at a CANEX outlet. The CFOne card, which is used to access CANEX Rewards, is activated once eligibility is confirmed.
How do I redeem my CANEX Rewards points for merchandise?
To redeem your accumulated CANEX Rewards points for merchandise, present your registered CFOne card to a clerk cashier.
How do I register for a CFOne card?
It's easy! Visit or and follow the steps.
I cannot remember the password I created for my account, how can I find out what it is?
On the Member Sign In page, enter your CFOne card number and click the "Forgot Your Password" link. Follow the steps to have a temporary password sent to your registered email address.
I have lost my card, what should I do?
Contact the CANEX Rewards administrator at 1-877-748-8230 to place a hold on your account. Visit or and complete the "replacement Card" process.
I have lost my receipt with the CANEX Rewards account number, what should I do?
There are three options:
1. Visit the store, as they can search for your account number
2. Contact the CANEX Rewards administrator at 1-877-748-8230 to provide you with the number or
3. Visit and apply for a CFOne card, which will begin the process of binding the CANEX Rewards account with your CFOne card.
I registered at the store for a CANEX Rewards account, why have I not received my CFOne card?
You can automatically start accumulating CANEX Rewards Points (on eligible transactions) from the moment you register for a CANEX Rewards account at the store. Your CANEX Rewards account number will be printed at the bottom of your receipt. However, in order to redeem your CANEX Rewards Points, you must complete the registration process for a CFOne card.
I tried to redeem my CANEX Rewards points at a CANEX outlet and couldn’t, why is that?
You cannot redeem CANEX Rewards points until you have registered for your CFOne card. Also, you must present your CFOne card when redeeming your CANEX Rewards points.
I’m moving, do I have to update my address?
Yes. It's a good idea to keep your contact information current so that you can take advantage of special CANEX promotional offers and program information that are sometimes communicated by mail. This information can be updated at
If I forgot my CFOne card when I visited a CANEX outlet, can I have CANEX Rewards points earned on that visit added to my account after the fact?
No, you must present your CFOne card at the time of your transaction in order to receive your eligible CANEX Rewards points.
If my friend is buying something at a CANEX outlet, can I redeem my points on their purchase?
CANEX Rewards points that have been accrued on an individual CFOne card may be redeemed by that cardholder on purchases that the CFOne cardholder has chosen to make.
Is my CFone membership card/CANEX Rewards account a credit card?
No. When your CFOne membership card is swiped, you earn CANEX Rewards Points that can be redeemed towards the purchase of in-store merchandise.

Note: Certain exclusions apply to the redemption of CANEX Rewards Points. See Program Terms and Conditions for details.
Is there a fee associated with my CANEX Rewards account ?
No, your CANEX Rewards account is FREE! Plus there's no fee or associated charge for using it either.
Is there a fee associated with my CFOne Card?
CF members, NPF Employees and DND Public employees are exempt from the nominal 5 dollar fee charged for the card.
Is your website secure?
The CFOne and CANEX Rewards online registration site is secure and the personal information you provide to us is only used to administer and service your CFOne/CANEX Rewards account if needed (such as replacing a lost CFOne Card, transferring CANEX Rewards Points, etc.).
My CFOne card is damaged. How do I get a replacement card?
If you need to replace your CFOne Card please visit or and complete the "replacement Card" process.
Once I have a CFOne membership card, can I start redeeming my CANEX Rewards Points immediately or do I have to wait?
You can start redeeming any eligible collected CANEX Rewards points once you have an active CFOne.
The cashier received an alert message on screen. What does this mean?
An alert message on screen can happen for any of the following 2 reasons:
1. You used a CFOne Card which was replaced and should no longer be used
2. You used a CFOne Card which has been de-activated
For more information, please contact CANEX Rewards Administrator at 1-877-748-8230 with your CFOne Card number and receipt.
The CFOne Card is not a credit card – why do I have to provide details to register my card?
To register your CFone Card, you are required to provide information that will validate you as an eligible member of the CF Community thus granting you access to all of the Morale and Welfare services offered to the CF Community.
The paper Club XTra program has existed for so many years and it works. Why change it?
The new CANEX Rewards program has been designed to enhance the reward program for our valued CANEX customers. It gives you more flexibility to earn and redeem your Canex Rewards points. Key benefits are:
1. It's free to join!
2. It's a convenient way to collect your CANEX Rewards points.
3. You don't have to wait for a Club XTra gift certificate to redeem your points.
4. You get in-store redemption of points.
What can I redeem my CANEX Rewards points towards?
You can redeem your CANEX Rewards points at any participating CANEX outlet for any merchandise sold at that location with some exceptions. Please see store Terms and Conditions for details on exceptions:

CANEX also reserves the right to add or delete items eligible for CANEX Rewards points issuance at any time, at its sole discretion, without notice.
What happens to my CANEX Rewards account balance when I do a card replacement?
Your CANEX Rewards Points balance will automatically be transferred to your newly registered card, once you have completed the "Replacement Card" process online or by calling CFOne Administrator at 1-855-245-0330.
What happens to my CANEX Rewards Points if the host system goes down?
If host communication is lost, the CANEX Clerk Cashier is not able to complete any accruals, redemptions or check any balances. All CANEX Rewards Points accrued while communication with the host is down will be documented by the cashier and sent to the CANEX Rewards administrator, who will award the CANEX Rewards Points.
What if I haven’t used my CFOne card in a couple of months?
Even if you haven't used your CFOne card in several months, any CANEX Rewards points earned will remain on your account.

However, your CANEX Rewards points will expire 24 months after their issue date.
When I go to access the CANEX Rewards website it asks for a password, where do I find the password?
A temporary password is supplied by email once you have registered for the CFOne card. Once logged in you will be asked to change your password. If your card is registered then you must use the password you created when you first accessed the CANEX Rewards website.
When I registered my CFOne card, I opted to receive promotional material and special offers by email, but I am no longer interested. What do I do?
Visit us online. Once you sign in as a member, you can select 'My Profile' and select 'No' in the field 'Include me in Email distribution list' to stop receiving promotional material by email.
Why did I get an “Invalid Card Type” message when the attendant swiped my CFOne card?
"Invalid Card Type" means that the scanner at the CANEX Outlet can no longer read the bar code on your membership card. Your transaction will be processed using the CFOne Account number. A replacement CFOne card can be requested through
Can I donate my points to a Not for Profit fund when making a purchase at a CANEX outlet?
A list of Not for Profit National organizations that CANEX Rewards points may be donated to can be found online at . You can donate points by selecting the "Donate My points" function online on your CANEX Rewards account.